Felissimo 500 Pencils

Felissimo 500 Pencils

Dear pencil enthusiast, you're in for a ride.

Some of you might have heard of Felissimo 500 before but I have the ULTIMATE guide to these gorgeous pencils. As far as my research tells me, this is the largest single set of pencils in the world. I reached out to Felissimo recently with a few questions so that we all might understand these hidden treasures a little better. Iris Chan was so lovely and answered all my questions promptly, thank you Iris!

Felissimo is a pencil subscription service. That is, you need to sign up to pay each month for a set of 20 pencils for the next 25 months. This is a cool idea, apart from the fact that I want all the pencils NOW! ha! It would be nice to have a little packet of happiness arrive in each months post. I also love the idea of not knowing what goodies I will get this following month. 

I have posted the questions and answers below. 

1. Who invented the Felissimo 500 pencil? What year did you start manufacture?

In 1992, Felissimo started manufacturing the 1st edition of 500 colored pencils. About 2 years ago, in 2015, we started the project “500 colored pencils TOKYO SEEDS” (the latest edition).

2. Do the colors change for every set of 500 you make?

Yes, 500 colors are all different. You can enjoy every set with a new surprise!

3. What is the factory like? (big or small) - are these made by hand or by machine? (I am very interested in how you make these pencils. The art of pencil making is artwork to me)

The factory is not big (Pencil Masters are very cool!). The 500 colored pencils are made almost by hand. As you know, masters use their own machine tools in their manufacturing. The 500 colors are so delicate to be expressed that only a few specially-skilled masters are assigned to this project.

4. Can I purchase a single pencil or color pack if I lose or break one of my pencils?

At this time, you cannot. We consider this a single or partial sale. 

5. What makes Felissimo pencils so special?

500 individual colors, 500 names, the beautiful shape and the craftsmanship in Japan make 500 colored pencils so special!

6. Are these pencils wax based or oil based?

These are wax based.

7. Are these considered 'Artist quality' pencils?

We are very proud of their quality “Made in Japan”.  Although there are favorite pencils for each artist, we believe in the original value of 500 colored pencils; the variety of colors and the original names inspire artists’ creativity.  

8. Are these pencils lightfast? If yes, which scale do you use?

Yes. We use JIS lightfastness scale for the 500 colored pencils. JIS is the Japanese Industrial Standards section of the Japanese Standards Association.

9. How can I keep track of how many pencils you have sent to me?

You just count how many months have passed from your order. We deliver 20 pencils every month.

Iris also provided me with a video and although this promotional video is in Japanese, I thoroughly enjoyed watching this as it reminded me a little of the Faber Castell factory. It's well worth watching, beauty has no language.


At the time of writing, each month costs 2,808 Yen which is $25 USD or $33 AUD. This gives you 20 pencils to go toward your set for the next 25 months. 

$25 per month doesn't seem so bad, but there is a shipping cost too which is 1500 Yen per month ($18 AUD or $14 USD) 

ACCESSORIES - You can also get this fabulous wall shelf to house/ show off your pencils (I would totally have to have this!) but at 42,120 Yen [$499 AUD or $379 USD] If you purchase this with the pencils it comes down to 32,120 Yen [$381 AUD or $288 USD] .. it's not cheap. 

Every delivery arrives in an attractive semi-transparent case convenient for carrying around. Also included in each delivery is an information card containing Japanese names loosely translated from the English, and a craft paper kit as a fun first step to using FELISSIMO 500 Colored Pencils. You can't tell me this isn't the coolest thing you have seen all day?!

In each month has a 'collection' of pencils which are a variation of colors so you can start using them right away (they won't just post you 20 yellow pencils for example.)

TO ORDER: Click here.


Beautiful shape. Oh the shape! 

This information was provided freely by me and I am not paid or sponsored in any way by Felissimo. 

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